How we are structured

Proshanti UK has a London-based board of trustees.  The four trustees have a mix of experiences in charity work, faith groups, medical practice and NGOs. They make decisions on policy, governance, budgets, fund raising and planning, as well as supervision of the clinics in Juri.

Proshanti also has a Bangladesh-based Advisory Board. They provide administrative and political support both at the national and local level. Mr. Hadi Hussain Babul, Member of Admin (retired), Chittagong Port Authority, lead the Bangladesh Advisory Board.

Our Programme Consultant, Dr AKM Momin is based in London. He is responsible for liaising with funders and trustees in the UK as well as supporting and managing the Juri project in collaboration with the Bangladesh based Advisory Board.

We have a London-based Medical Advisory Team of GPs, gynaecologists and midwives. These medical advisors guide the medical team in Juri and agree the clinical protocols for the treatment of patients, the recording of data and the administration of the clinics.

Prottoy Unnayan Sangstha is a Bangladeshi NGO which we have commissioned to provide regular oversight of the project’s weekly activities.  They also provide Project Services including submitting reports to the NGO Bureau and getting approval from the Government.

The team running the Proshanti clinic in Juri comprise:

  • A project officer responsible for patient support and reporting project work to Prottoy’s Executive Director and the Programme Consultant in London
  • A part-time accountant
  • Two midwives, at least one at a senior level.

The Proshanti clinic is situated in the Abdul Aziz Medical Centre in Juri.  A medical doctor from Abdul Aziz offers a consultancy service for Proshanti patients who are also referred to this clinic for assisted delivery or Caesarean section.

Each year at least one group of volunteer clinicians visit Juri to support the Proshanti clinics.