Fundraising Events

Caroline Morton agreed to fundraise after joining a gala dinner in May 2017. Since then she has been actively finding unique ways to raise money for Proshanti, in addition to a regular standing order personal donation. 

See her progress by clicking this link: Caroline Morton's fundraising


If you are imaginative and have the drive to organise, why not help us by organising a local fund raising event? Here are some previous examples.

In 2011, after the riots that ripped through London, a group of young people between 14 and 18 approached Proshanti and asked what they could do to help. Two of them, from Faiths Act Fellows, brought together a group of young people to clean the streets of Whitechapel in East London. The event was designed to get young people from various backgrounds together to work on a common cause, and as a follow-up to the first “Have Faith and Clean Up” event. The group began outside Whitechapel Station, cleaning through Whitechapel Road to Osborne Street. As well as cleaning the streets, the group of young people raised £200 for Proshanti. ((Include some phtotos if poss))

Imagine you only had £1 per day to live on. That is a reality for millions of the world’s poorest people today. For 5 days in 2011, Proshanti challenged Woodford County High School to spend only £1 per day on all their food and drink. It was tough, but not impossible! Participants from the School had to shop and cook wisely, using every penny to the maximum. They also raised money for Proshanti while they were at it. A Pound A Day was a way of showing that you, me – we all care.

Dr Ian Gibson, one of Proshanri’s clinical advisers, climed to the top of Ben Nevis in Scotland and his sponsorship raised over GBP2,000.

Tell us about your idea and lets do it!