How we are structured

Proshanti UK has a London based six member Board of Trustees coming from charity, faith groups, clinical and business backgrounds. They make decisions on policy, governance, budgets, fund raising and planning, as well as supervision of the clinics in Juri.

Under the guidance of the London Board, Proshanti has a Bangladesh based Advisory Board. They provide administrative and political support both at the national and local level.

The Board of Trustees oversees and liaises with London based Medical Advisory Team of GPs, gynecologists and midwives. This Committee guides the medical team in Juri and agrees the clinical protocols for the treatment of patients, the recording of data and the administration of the clinics. The field medical team is headed by a qualified and experienced doctor with gynaecological expertise, a midwife and a nurse.

Each year at least two groups of volunteer clinicians visit Juri for about eight weeks each time to support the Proshanti clinics. In April 2014 a qualified volunteer midwife from USA stayed in Juri for 6 months. We have plans to send more volunteers in 2015.

There is one employee based in London. He is the Programme & Fundraising Manager with responsibilities for monitoring field implementation, providing administrative support, coordinating Board activities and implementing a fund-raising strategy. There is also a project coordinator in Bangladesh to monitor clinical services.

The clinical service team comprises of:

  • a volunteer medical doctor as team leader
  • 1 midwife
  • 1 nurse